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" Let your house tell a story..."


We live in the age of pulverized wood, thin plastic, paper and 1000 homes that look more or less the same. It's a sad reality, but true, that we would rather have a house packed with things that likely won't last 2 years, let alone 2 generations. Gone are the days of heirloom wardrobes and vanity tables that once charmed our childhood homes.

Although the future of furniture looks bleak, we can begin to change that... by returning to the values of our ancestors and building intentional, unique, beautiful furniture that will last.

Step 1:


Image by Ryan Ancill

Arguably the most important part of the process is defining your vision; what story will your piece tell? Will it be chic and upmarket, or homey and practical? Will it tell of days gone by, or of a shiny new future?

For this step, Thomas will meet with you in person to discuss and explore ideas, referencing existing works while letting our imaginations run! There is no limit to what we can do, so it helps to enter this step with an open mind and a hot cup of tea... 

Step 2:


Credenza Front.png

If vision is the heart, then planning is the head. Once we have dreamed and explored and let our creative juices flow, the new challenge will be to work out every aspect in excruciating detail.  

For this step, Thomas will take the information gathered in our first meeting and from it, create a 3D model of the piece. This model will be to scale, with even the slightest details accounted for, assuring a smooth building process. Better pour a cup of coffee!

Step 3:



It's one thing to have an idea, but to implement it takes your idea from fiction to fact. This is where potential problems may arise, delaying the progress of your piece. For this reason, planning must be as thorough as possible, to minimize error in the make.

For this step, Thomas will connect with a talented furniture maker in his network to be responsible for the construction of the piece. Periodic follow-ups will ensure the project is being executed according to the given specifications. 

Step 4:



Custom furniture can be a challenging endeavour, but with those challenges it brings joy. To see a piece evolve from concept to reality is oh so rewarding, and serves as proof that with the proper planning, we can do anything!

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