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Here are some of the games that are currently in progress. Who knows, you might see them on the shelf one day!


Tom Bomb Games is a one-man publishing company based in North Vancouver, Canada, run by Thomas Hanna. At this point Thomas does everything from game design and development to marketing and administration. Phew, that's a lot of work, so maybe one day he'll hire some really talented people to pick-up his slack!


Tom Bomb Games has one priority: to make fun games. It's not more complicated than that! Ever since Thomas was a wee lad he's had an unquenchable urge to design games, in one form or another. It's a sort of itch. His mind was always restlessly assembling lists of character stats and developing mechanics to give structure to his Lego battles, or fantasizing environments for an open-world RPG, or trying to imagine player interaction in a power struggle game set during the Renaissance.


This obsession has obviously carried into his adult life and is to blame for every creative endeavour henceforth. So stay tuned for all the fun that is to come!  

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