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You were sitting on your turbo-laxer, enjoying an informative space-cast from your holo-box, when the news-bringer, a hefty Zorbian fella, brought word of a "mysterious entity most are calling 'the X' that has been raising eyebrows in neighbourhoods across the galaxy...".

'Huh', you thought, leaning forward in your turbo-laxer, hamboni sandwich clutched in your hand. The lights in your musky living room flickered as Ms. Kerchet (the tenant above) did her Spacejolt dancer-cize. After a momentary distraction, you returned to your thought...  

What does this place have going for you? Working the Foobium rig, hamboni sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... Ms. Kerchet! Ugh.

What do you have to lose? You could use a little spice in your life!

Starry-eyed, you busted off of your turbo-laxer like a gas-powered ejector seat and gazed into the rusted steal walls, as if they were a window to the galaxy. A real-life adventure, at last! So you finished the sandwich and fuelled up the spaceship, then waving goodbye to your home, you peaked over the horizon as the sun crested its silhouette, a little ship ascending into the great vacuum, in search for a thing... a thing they call the X

Welcome to The X, a free PNP solo adventure game set in an alternate sci-fi reality. Travel to and visit 30 unique planets in search for information about the X before you decide wether to work with it or against it. Utilize a vast array of items and weapons as you trudge your way through deadly foes, toxic atmospheres and gloomy secrets. Don't be too hasty, but get a move on it! The X doesn't rest, and every move you make could determine the fate of another unsuspecting world. Whatever you do, be sure to finish your sandwich first.
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The X PNP is a free-to-play game. If you have enjoyed playing it, please leave a review and consider supporting Thomas' game making quest!
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