The Space Easel

The Space Easel


Like a lonely shuttle blasting into space, this easel takes artistry to new heights. Finely crafted from solid oak, this piece is sure to turn heads, raise eyebrows, and inspire creativity. Featuring beautiful joinery, polished metal knobs and a clean, contemporary form, the Space Easel is perfect for any hobby artist who wants to showcase their work while they are still working on it! The set blocks can easily slide up and down the entire post, allowing complete freedom in the height at which you work and the size of canvas you use, and the blocks can be set to either clamp a canvas from the outside or stretch a canvas from the inside (leaving the outside edge exposed). This ease of use makes the Space Easel a joy to work with. Intuitive, innovative and beautiful - welcome to the Canadian Space Easel.  

  • This item is made to order upon request and may take up to a month to complete (depending on Thomas' availability). Your patience in this process is greatly appreciated!

  • Due to the nature of the material and design, there is a small amount of flex in the main post. Though completly stable, the small movements may be irritating for some, and if this is you, please do not purchase this product!


    This product is only suitable for hobby artists.


    Light assembly required.