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Get a fixed price on Mouldings and Interior Door installations



Get a quote for more complicated projects



Paying by the hour could end up being more or less expensive than fixed price

" It's the little things that make the biggest difference."



Flat Rate

If you're looking for door and trim installation, the Flat-Rate pricing structure is a great option. By referencing the tables below you can quickly get an idea of the cost of your project. All of the prices below are for labour only, they do not include material costs. Keep this in mind when determining a cost estimate for your project.







If your project is a little (or a lot) more complex than trim and door installation, a Quoted price might be a good option for you.  To get a clear understanding of the project and what is involved, a thorough meeting and site visit is necessary. Some relevant topics of discussion are: overall vision for the project, the types of materials used and any treatment applied to them, your budget and cost concerns, and any time constraints that might affect the project.  Once a firm grasp of the scope of the project is established, Thomas will crunch some numbers and deliver a fixed-price quote via email. As long as the quoted items do not change after this point, neither will the price.



Sometime a project is so multifaceted that it only make sense to have a flexible payment schedule. If you think this might describe your project, or if you have yet to figure out the details of your project, this might be the option for you. The great benefit of an hourly or cost-plus setup is that it's an open contract. This makes it easier to accommodate changes in the plan and allows the project to develop as new information is presented. There is also potential to save some money if the project goes smoothly, while the opposite is equally possible if it takes more time than expected.

The standard approach to a by-the-hour payment schedule is known as "cost-plus". In this model, the customer pays for the cost of the work done (this includes material, fees, trades) and the contractor bills for his time. For transparency and accountability, a log will be kept to record the tasks accomplished in the billed time.

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