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The Components

Our lofts are constructed with rich, high quality materials. Warm, rough-sawn cedar beams and posts are used to support the platform, and a sleek fir ladder will cary you up to a top deck made of pre-finished birch plywood. The cedar post and beams are treated with Osmo natural poly-wax finish and are fastened together with 3/8 lag bolts. The entire structure is screwed to the wall at 4 points.


Lofts are most suitable for rooms with high ceilings. The loft shown to the right is in a room with 9' ceilings and was made to prioritize the living space below, which has 6' of headspace. That means that anyone under 6' tall can walk beneath without having to worry about hitting their head. This however makes the sleeping space above a little tight; the deck is 32" from the ceiling, and with a 9" mattress on top, only 23" (almost 2 feet) remains to sleep in. For this reason it is recommended to lower the deck as much as possible. If the space is being used as a shared bedroom, it would be best to split the space evenly to create the same amount of headroom above and bellow the deck. These things will be discussed during our consultation to assure that you have the most functional loft set-up.

In a city where closets are advertised to rental  tenants as "cozy suites", there's clearly a demand for floor space. So why not DOUBLE yours? Our custom lofts make that possible! Your loft will be built to the specs of your room to maximize the space, and secured to your walls with only a few screws. The upper level serves as a great place to put your bed, a little reading nook, or some storage, while the area below is freed up for anything you want! It's a great space for a home office, a living space, a second bed (2 kids in one room) or a creative studio.

Price $5000-7000 +Tax. Price will vary according to the size.

What's Included?

  1. Consultation - We will come to your home to assess the space, discuss options and take measurements.

  2. Quotation - With the information gathered, we will send you an all-inclusive price (valid for 30 days).

  3. Manufacturing - Once you have agreed to the purchase, we will lovingly craft your new loft components at our shop in Vancouver.

  4. Delivery and Installation - On the big day, our team will deliver and install your loft, making sure everything is safe and secure.

We will contact you soon!

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